Temporary Needs – Normal monthly or annual expenses that, due to financial constraints, and despite the employee’s best efforts to help themselves, the employee is unable to pay, and if remaining unpaid would render the employee homeless, or without basic necessities, or otherwise drastically altering their safety, or well-being.

Examples of temporary needs:

  • Daily-use automobile repairs
  • Deposit for rent or utilities
  • Insurance (health, automobile, homeowners)
  • Rent(one month or less)
  • Utilities (electric, propane, water & etc.)

Vital Needs– Expenses due to unusual occurrences beyond the employee’s control that will have financial ramifications beyond the employee’s means.

Examples of vital needs:

  • Accidents causing significant injuries to the employee, or immediate family members
  • Emergency Transportation expenses
  • Expenses related to the death or illness of an immediate family member
  • Expenses related to natural disaster, such as fire, flood, tornado & earthquake
  • Funeral expenses for immediate family member
  • Medically necessary or disability related expense


Items that will be excluded

  • Vacations and related expenses
  • Personal comfort items(physical fitness equipment, TV’s, humidifier’s, radios, etc.)
  • Gifts
  • New furniture
  • Dental/Medical expenses for cosmetic purposes
  • Experimental or investigative medical or dental procedures
  • Any loss or expense associated with the commission or attempt to commit a felony or engaging in an illegal activity
  • Expenses for self-inflicted injuries
  • Work related injuries or illnesses
  • Legal expenses
  • Orthodontic services
  • Fines or late fees
  • Sales tax on vehicles
  • Assistance with relocation-related expenses
  • Pre-payment of rent, utility bills, auto payment, etc.
  • Re-payment of government assistance
  • Re-payment of cash advances or pay day loans
  • Re-payment of 401k loans


  1. This is not an exhaustive list because every application is considered on a case-to-case, individual basis. Each situation leading to an application is unique and precedents are not set.
  2. Request for aid can be denied for any reason.
  3. The Foundation does not provide health care or employee benefits to Kimray employees. This is a charitable organization that may or may not provide funds for health related expenses.
  4. Nothing in this program creates, nor is it intended to create, any form of entitlement for any employee of Kimray for any type of benefit.