Make A Difference Foundation Launches!

The Make a Difference Foundation is a 501©3 organization created to assist regular full-time Kimray employees who are experiencing a severe, unforeseen financial hardship due to circumstances beyond their control.

The Make a Difference Foundation (MADF) will help employees get back on their feet and remind them that during difficult times, their co-workers and community care about them.

Here’s how the Foundation functions:

  • MADF is made up of two groups – the Board of Directors and the Selection Committee. The board will direct the governance of the Foundation, while the selection committee will review hardship applications and determine whether to approve the applications.
    • Selection committee members will be Kimray employees voted on by their fellow employees.
    • The board will identify candidates, and Kimray employees will vote five representatives into the role.
    • The MADF program coordinator will also serve as a non-voting member for a total of six selection committee members.
  • Full-time Kimray employees may apply for assistance for themselves or their family members by submitting an application to the program coordinator or by clicking the following link: Request Support
  • The applicant’s name will be kept confidential. The selection committee will not know the name of applicants, and will make their decisions based solely on the merit of the application.
  • The selection committee will meet weekly to evaluate any received applications.
  • If an application is approved, the program coordinator will meet with the board to arrange funding for the applicant. The applicant will receive funds within a week of an approved application review.

Contributions to the Make a Difference Foundation come from a variety of sources, but mostly from Kimray employees through tax-deductible payroll deductions or one-time contributions.

Kimray matches employee donations one hundred percent (100%) up to $2,500 a year, so every dollar goes a long way in helping a co-worker in need.

The Foundation will begin reviewing applications in early January 2014.